Coronavirus and the Traveller: What You Need to Know

It’s a tough time all over the world and travelling is more or less banned in order to combat the pandemic, COVID-19. The United Kingdom has also enforced stringent measures to ensure that everybody remains safe and also stays indoors as much as possible. Obviously, this means a very different travel situation. The Foreign and […]

Need to pay on instalments? What’s your credit score like?

Credit scores are exceptionally important nowadays as most of our contracts including insurance, mortgages, leasing agreements, and mobile phone plans are paid via monthly instalments. All providers assess your credit score in order to determine whether you are likely to continue paying in the long-term and whether you would be a worthy customer.  There are […]

Reducing the Condensation Rate in your Car

The temperature outside during winter will be different from that inside your car, which results in condensation. This happens when warm vapour in your car meets the cold screen and windows turning it into water. The result is a blanket of fog that coats all your windows and screen. Condensation Prevention Methods Clean your car […]

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