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Will you ever be able to lease a driverless car?

The hottest topic in the motor industry as we race into 2018? Self-driving cars. They’re exciting, innovative and represent the amazing possibilities modern technology can offer. Back in 2010, Google revealed their shocking project, Waymo, and its groundbreaking self-driving technology. Since then, the project has come a long way, to the point where these fully […]

5 ways to show your car love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, heart-shaped balloons and sickeningly large boxes of chocolate start appearing in shops everywhere, and couples are panicking what to get their significant other to show them how much they love them.   Yes, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day.   But, what about your car? How often do you show your […]

Why The BVRLA is optimistic

When it comes to car leasing, the BVRLA matters. For over 50 years, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association have provided standard and quality control for renting and leasing. 900 companies reach the requirements of the organisation, and you should avoid any company that hasn’t reached those standards because you can’t be sure they […]