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Winter Driving Tips (Part 1)

We’ve been lucky that winter this year has been fairly mild, but the recent heavy snowfall reminds us that it’s important to be prepared for particularly cold spells. During this time, breakdowns almost double in volume, and snow and black ice can turn the most familiar roads into a challenging obstacle course. To help keep […]

Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

Many of us know at least one car enthusiast, but unless you’re rolling in it and can afford to buy them their dream set of wheels for Christmas, there’s a chance you’re struggling for ideas.  Well, worry not – the Yes Lease team have done their research and uncovered some great gift ideas that will make a petrolhead hum and purr. […]

How the Autumn Statement Affects Fleets

Recently, we discussed the changes to the Autumn Statement released a few weeks ago and the impact they would have on motorists.  In today’s article, the Yes Lease team explore the changes affecting fleets and the automotive industry in general. Support for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) Chancellor George Osborne announced an additional £600 million to boost sales of […]

When short-term car leasing makes perfect sense

Traditional contract hire agreements generally last between two to four years. But what if you need a shorter term solution? Daily car rentals can be a very expensive affair due to the short-term commitment. A solution that sits in between these two car finance options is short-term contract hire. This Yes Lease post explains how […]

How to buy personalised number plates

You can buy a personalised registration for your number plate, whether you own the vehicle or are leasing it. Personalised registration numbers can be bought from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) website, or at auction through the DVLA or from a dealer. Numbers were first offered for sale in 1989, and now millions […]

Vehicle Fleet Leasing

Auto leasing is more widespread these days with more consumers realising the advantages of leasing, but it was corporate car leasing that sparked consumer interest in personal deals. How fleet leasing works Companies can finance their vehicles for business use with a minimum downpayment – normally 3 months – and an agreed mileage for the agreement.  Generally […]

What is Contract Hire?

We noticed some confusion over the term ‘contract hire’ and how it is different than ‘leasing’.  Simply put, contract hire is a type of leasing (please see our post that explains car leasing).  In the grand scheme of leasing, these are the main options: Personal Business Personal contract hire (PCH) Personal contract purchase (PCP) Contract […]

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