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Car Insurance Costs Are Going Up Again: Here’s What You Need to Know

Car insurance prices are on the up and getting a good deal on your car insurance is more important than ever, with further rises on the way. Although we saw car insurance prices decrease over a year ago, it seems that they are changing direction once again and starting to creep upwards. And, nobody is […]

The Highs and Lows of Diesel – Is it out of the running?

Over the past few years, diesel cars have taken a beating, from both the media and the car industry itself. diesel sparked controversy and started to be demonised in 2015 – following the Volkswagen scandal – and since then, there’s been a considerable decline in diesel sales. However, could a diesel still be the car […]

Advantages of Car Leasing

Leasing a car instead of buying one has many benefits that will appeal to the most practical consumers, as well as those dreaming of driving a more upscale car.  We explore some of the advantages of car leasing here. Financial advantages No depreciation costs In just three years, the average car decreases in value by […]

Could These Factors Be Affecting Your Car Insurance Premiums?

When shopping for car insurance, it can be tempting to increase your excess in order to lower the cost.  However, unless you’re sure you can afford a high excess, this isn’t always a good idea. That said, knowing what affects your rate could help you to make a more informed decision when purchasing your insurance.  Below […]

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