Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

Many of us know at least one car enthusiast, but unless you’re rolling in it and can afford to buy them their dream set of wheels for Christmas, there’s a chance you’re struggling for ideas.  Well, worry not – the Yes Lease team have done their research and uncovered some great gift ideas that will make a petrolhead hum and purr.  From racing-themed stocking fillers to fancier gadgets, we’ve got something for everyone to help you find the perfect Christmas gift!


Car key finder

car key finder
Know someone who seems to regularly misplace their car keys?  This nifty key finder could be a big help and save them hours of search time.

The wireless key finder can not only help to find lost keys, but also glasses, wallets and other items, with the click of a colour-coded button.  The gadget is designed with big buttons for easy operation, making it suitable for older people as well.

Estimated RRP: £13.50.


Lego toys

lego laferrari
The Lego LaFerrari is suitable for 7 to 14 year olds, but we have a feeling that someone twice that age bracket would still appreciate it.

Perfect for Ferrari fans, the mini Lego Speed Champions version of LaFerrari shows off all the great details of the iconic hybrid sports car. It comes with unique wheel trims, a driver minifigure and starting lights.

Estimated RRP: £12.99

lego ferrari f40
Prepared to spend a little more on a Christmas present? Lego has created a replica of the Ferrari F40, suitable for anyone over the age of 14. The impressive toy measures 8cm high, 27cm long and 14cm wide.

It mimics the iconic sports car’s sleek aerodynamic lines, distinctive rear spoiler and Ferrari red bodywork, complete with side air intakes, pop-up headlights and a rear hatch that opens to reveal a twin-turbocharged V8 engine! Even the interior closely replicates the actual car – there are cabled door handles, a steering wheel with the Ferrari logo and a pair of red racing seats. We love these little details, and we’re pretty sure Ferrari fans will as well.

Estimated RRP: £69.99


Classic car clock

monte carlo classic clock
Fans of classic cars will absolutely adore these wall clocks, inspired by the dials of classic cars, from Minis and Saabs to Bugattis and Porsches. These are available on, which also sells lots of really cool car-related items.

Each clock face and background are printed individually using fine art printing onto heavyweight archival paper, then framed under glass within a stained wooden frame. Technically the mechanism uses a German quartz movement that is powered by an AA battery.

Estimated RRP: £33.00.


Track experience

Feed a motoring enthusiast’s need for speed and lots of horsepower with a day out on the race track. There is a wide range of packages available from different sources: Goodwood, Virgin, Top Gear and Silverstone.

For example, Goodwood’s Spin and Slide course gives drivers the chance to master powerslides on a skidpan. Got cash to splash? The Silverstone Challenge lets you zip around an F1 Grand Prix circuit in some of the most exciting high-performance cars out there. Some places record video footage, so the designated driver can take home a memento of the experience.

Estimated RRP: from £69.00


Storm Kids Racing Car Bed

racing bed

This awesome racing-car bed makes us wish we were little kids again. This plastic version, available from Toyzworld, is just right for 2 to 7 year olds weighing up to 40kg. The bed comes with working lights and a personalised number plate, and even a mattress. What a great Christmas gift!

Estimated RRP: £269.90.

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