Coronavirus and the Traveller: What You Need to Know

It’s a tough time all over the world and travelling is more or less banned in order to combat the pandemic, COVID-19. The United Kingdom has also enforced stringent measures to ensure that everybody remains safe and also stays indoors as much as possible. Obviously, this means a very different travel situation. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised that travel be stopped except that which is very necessary and this includes travelling to your home country or British citizens coming back into the United Kingdom when they are in other countries.

The situation is very unpredictable and flights may be banned, borders sealed, and travel completely stopped at any given time. Hence, it is important to be vigilant and observe proper precautionary measures.

Here is what you need to know about travelling during this time.

Travel Insurance and Change of Plans

So, if you have travel insurance and decide to travel against the government’s precise travel ban, your travel insurance will most likely be considered invalid. If you decide to cancel your trip, there are certain conditions that must be met to make a claim from your travel insurer. First of all, it depends on when you decide to cancel the trip.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued instructions on March 17th and advised against all unnecessary travel. If your policy was purchased before this date, it probably includes cover for cancelled trips. However, if you purchased a policy after this date, it probably does not account for cancelled trips and you are not eligible for cover.

Nevertheless, if you have a medical recommendation that prevent travel, your insurance may cover it.

Quarantine and Travel Insurance

The word “quarantine” is on everyone’s tongue nowadays and has become an integral part of our vocabulary. Self-quarantine as a precautionary measure or quarantine once someone gets COVID-19 is essential in order to prevent the virus from spreading and to enable those affected to be able to heal as soon as possible.

What happens though when someone gets quarantined while travelling? Does insurance help cover and pay for that?

There will be several insurance policies that would extend to help cover the expenses of being and staying in quarantine unexpectedly. However, you must consult with your travel company to ensure it automatically extends to cover such a situation. Most insurance policies would consider this a health concern or emergency measure that must be accounted for in your policy. Nevertheless, exceptions may exist and it is important to have


Flight Cancellations

Flights can be cancelled during this unpredictable time. If your flight is cancelled, it is recommended that you consult with your airlines and ask them for a refund. However, if you have a policy that offers travel disruption cover, then you may also be eligible for compensation when the airline cancels a flight.

It is important to stay safe during this time and ensure proper order. Stay with your loved ones and stay off the roads. There is no place like home, literally!


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