De-icing your Car the Right Way

With the onset of harsh winter times, everything is bound to freeze over. Nothing outside is spared from this including your car. Some of the most natural methods to unfreeze your windscreen which includes making a porthole or de-icing using hot water are not advisable. They could even land you in trouble and fetch you a fine from the authorities.

Do not fret. There are way better methods of clearing the ice that will not end up in a ticket.

Why do Wind-screens Freeze?

There is a lot of water vapour present in the atmosphere. As it gets colder, this vapour freezes forming ice. The windscreen of your car is made from glass that freezes faster than other surfaces.

Bad Methods of De-icing

The easiest method most people employ to de-ice the windscreen is to curve a porthole on it using the nearest sharp tool. Mostly this turns disastrous due to scratches forming on the glass.

That porthole is not wide enough to view the road as you drive. This is why you’ll get a fine and worse of ‘earn’ points on your license for the violation.

You may choose to de-ice by leaving your car on idle for it to heat up and defrost your windscreen. This is also a horrible idea that will earn you more fines and more points on your license.

Poring hot water on the windscreen is another wrong method that will end up costing you a new windscreen. The difference in temperature between the ice and the hot water leads to a cracked windscreen.

The Best Methods of De-icing

  1. Windscreen Scraper

Buy a windscreen scraper. You know very well when winter comes, so will the frozen windscreen. Get a scraper that has a glove to avoid freezing your fingers as you scrap the ice off. Invest in a windscreen cover to prevent it from getting frozen in the first place.

  1. Salt Solution

You can use a salt solution to get the job done. Dissolve salt (1 tsp.) in a cup of water. Pour the mixture on a spray bottle and spray it on the frozen windscreen. You can also use a towel to dampen the surface with the salt solution.

Spray sparingly on the windscreen as too much salt on it causes damage not only to the glass but can also corrode paint on your car.

  1. Vinegar Solution

Make a solution using the ratio of water to vinegar (1:3) and spray on the windscreen. This is best done at night to allow it to defrost the ice before you get on the road.

  1. Alcohol Solution

Mix water with surgical spirit or alcohol in the ratio of 1:2 and use that on your windscreen.


Preventive Measure

Prevention is way better than de-icing. Soak towels in salt solution and cover all your windows with them. This will prevent icing overnight.

Some Few Tips

  • Do not de-ice in haste. You need a few minutes to do it right.
  • Keep yourself updated on the gritted routes and stick to them.
  • Leave early and drive slowly. Do not be in a hurry in this weather.

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