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We’ve all got a favourite James Bond, but what’s your favourite 007 car? From the Sunbeam Alpine in Dr. No to the Aston Martin DB10 in the latest Bond film Spectre, we explore some of the incredible cars graced by the superspy through time.

Sunbeam Alpine … Dr. No (1962)

Sunbeam Alpine Bond Dr No

The first Bond car was the Sunbeam Alpine Series II, a sporty two-seater featuring a 1592cc engine and a recorded top speed of 98.6mph.  Sunbeam, like numerous Bond cars, was manufactured in England, and the first British car to win a Grand Prix race.

In the 1962 Dr. No film, a lake blue Series II is rented by Sean Connery, who smoothly dodges hitmen chasing him in a hearse and sends them plunging to a fiery death.  Just where were the baddies headed?  Bond cleverly quips, “I think they were on their way to a funeral”.


Aston Martin DB5 … Goldfinger (1964) and many more

james bond aston martin db5 goldfinger

You can’t mention James Bond without conjuring up images of Aston Martins, and the DB5 is surely the quintessential 007 car.  First introduced in Goldfinger, the Bond’s DB5 was kitted out with an impressive range of gadgets, including machine guns, tyre slashers, a smoke screen and, with the press of a little red button, an ejector seat!

The Aston Martin DB5 made a reappearance in many other 007 films:  ThunderballGoldeneyeTomorrow Never DiesCasino Royale and Skyfall.


Toyota 2000GT … You Only Live Twice (1967)

toyota 2000gt james bond

The glorious Toyota 2000GT is Japan’s first supercar, and the convertible version seen in You Only Live Twice is widely considered to be the most collectible Japanese car.  Only 351 were produced, and one of them was crushed by a massive tree in Japan in 2014.

What makes the 2000GT rarer than a DB5 is that a convertible version was never available, although two were custom built for the Bond film.  The open-top models in the movie were fitted with tonneau covers simulating convertible roofs to accommodate 6’2″ Sean Connery.


Lotus Esprit S1 … The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

james bond lotus esprit s1

One of the most memorable action sequences in the Bond franchise comes from The Spy Who Loved Me, which sees the agent being chased across land and sea.  Who can forget the transformation of the Lotus Esprit S1 into a mini submarine, equipped with a missile?

Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk adored the Lotus Esprit so much that he bought it at auction in 2013 for £616,000, with plans to upgrade it so it can really transform into a submarine.  Outlandish or inspired?



Aston Martin DBS V12 … Die Another Day (2002), Casino Royale (2006) and more

In Die Another Day, John Cleese’s Q introduced audiences to Bond’s new car, “Aston Martin call it the Vanquish; we call it the Vanish”.  It comes equipped with possibly the most ridiculous 007 gadget ever, an invisibility cloak, along with an assortment of over-the-top weapons.

james bond aston martin dbs v12

With Casino Royale came a more serious James Bond in the form of Daniel Craig, who had more realistic gadgets to match and a medical station in the latest Aston Martin DBS V12.


Aston Martin DB10 … Spectre (2015)

aston martin db10 spectre bond

The absolutely exquisite DB10 was designed “to be the poster car for every boy who watches James Bond for the first time”, as described by Aston Martin design director, Marek Reichman.

Whilst Daniel Craig jets about in the DB10 in the new film, Spectre, the villain plots his nefarious deeds in the jaw-dropping Jaguar C-X75.  Watch both cars in action in the video below.

The cars of Spectre will be featured in an exhibition at the London Film Museum starting November 18.

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