We’ve moved to Phoenix Works, Longton

Yes Lease has expanded to meet growing demands.  This is why we moved to a bigger and newer office at Phoenix Works in Longton. We’ve kept our telephone number, so you’ll still be able to call us on 01782 254444. Our new address Yes Lease Ltd The Phoenix Works Unit 6B 500-510 King street Longton […]

Amazing cars from the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

The IAA in Frankfurt this month introduced dozens of stunning cars to the public.  The Yes Lease team has compiled a list of some of the best: Porsche Mission E Concept Porsche unveiled its very first four-seater electric sports car to rival Tesla.  The Mission E concept car combines the unmistakeable design of a Porsche […]

Top 10 Car Lease Deals (September)

We’ve got plenty of great deals this September, but we’ve picked 10 of the best here for you.  Yes Lease can supply vehicles of all makes and models, so if you have your heart set on a car that isn’t listed here, have a look at the Yes Lease website for other deals, or call […]

Frankfurt motor show 2015: New cars from A to Z

The upcoming International Motor Show (IAA) to be held in Frankfurt in September 2015 will unveil a range of new cars.  The Yes Lease team has put together a list of these hotly-anticipated vehicles below, in alphabetical order, by manufacturer.  We will continue to update the list so you can keep informed of new releases. […]

Top 10 Car Lease Deals (August)

Our top 10 car lease deals for the month of August include five special offers from Mercedes-Benz.  At Yes Lease, we supply all makes and models, from economical cars to luxury vehicles and commercial vans.  If you don’t see a deal here for the car you want, contact us and we’ll find a deal that’s […]

Vehicle Fleet Leasing

Auto leasing is more widespread these days with more consumers realising the advantages of leasing, but it was corporate car leasing that sparked consumer interest in personal deals. How fleet leasing works Companies can finance their vehicles for business use with a minimum downpayment – normally 3 months – and an agreed mileage for the agreement.  Generally […]

How the UK Budget 2015 Affects Motorists

In the Summer Budget 2015, Chancellor George Osborne announced several changes that will affect motorists in the UK, including one of the biggest reforms we’ve had in recent years to the way British drivers are taxed. Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) A new vehicle excise duty will come into effect that takes into consideration new automotive […]

What is Contract Hire?

We noticed some confusion over the term ‘contract hire’ and how it is different than ‘leasing’.  Simply put, contract hire is a type of leasing (please see our post that explains car leasing).  In the grand scheme of leasing, these are the main options: Personal Business Personal contract hire (PCH) Personal contract purchase (PCP) Contract […]

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