Who’s Driving UK’s Vans? You Might Be Surprised by the Answer

It might surprise you, but while the number of heavy goods vehicles have remained mostly flat in the decade up to 2012, the number of light goods vehicles (LGVs) has risen steadily. The types of owners of these vehicles has also been evolving with the growth of internet-based businesses where fast local deliveries in a […]

6 Rarest Cars on Britain’s Roads

Not long ago, seeing a car that was a few decades old still driving around on the road was a completely normal sight. Many younger boys and girls received an ‘old banger’ as their first means of getting around town. These days, however, things like emissions concerns, safety improvements and more accessible financing have pushed […]

What are the Number One Car Choices Across Europe?

Second only to China and the U.S., Europe is the world’s biggest manufacturer of cars. And, over fifteen million vehicles were registered throughout Europe in 2018, producing the biggest number since 2007. However, Europe is made up of several very different and culturally diverse countries, and just like the food and the languages, car-buying tastes […]

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