The Government is Funding New Electric Charging Projects Across the UK

The government has recently greenlit a series of 12 new projects to improve the charging rate of electric car batteries, hopefully paving the way for a safer driving future.   One program is The PowerDrive Line project, which is being led by Ilika, a company based in Southampton. The company focuses on solid-state battery cell […]

Lesser Known Driving Laws with Hefty Penalties

Driving is a daily part of our routine, and it’s usually pretty obvious what we should and shouldn’t do behind the wheel – don’t break the speed limit, don’t drink and drive, make sure you’re not using your phone – simple stuff, right? There are, however, other, lesser-known motoring offences that you should also probably […]

The Shifting Attitudes Towards Environmentally Friendly Driving

It’s no secret that over the past few years there’s been heightened emphasis on implementing initiatives to cut down on pollutants, reaching greener goals and generally keeping an eye out for the welfare of our environment. Through new laws, different methods of energy consumption and regulations, humankind is slowly attempting to tackle the problem of […]

The Battle Against Emissions in Europe, the UK and America

Just recently there’s been a lot of talk surrounding the environmental impact of the motoring industry and emissions. Controversy has been sparked in the media regarding Trump’s stance with the EPA, contradictory to developing changes to emissions standards across Europe, as well as the new, stringent tax brackets in the UK in 2018.   Firstly, […]

Will you ever be able to lease a driverless car?

The hottest topic in the motor industry as we race into 2018? Self-driving cars. They’re exciting, innovative and represent the amazing possibilities modern technology can offer. Back in 2010, Google revealed their shocking project, Waymo, and its groundbreaking self-driving technology. Since then, the project has come a long way, to the point where these fully […]

5 ways to show your car love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, heart-shaped balloons and sickeningly large boxes of chocolate start appearing in shops everywhere, and couples are panicking what to get their significant other to show them how much they love them.   Yes, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day.   But, what about your car? How often do you show your […]

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