Reducing the Condensation Rate in your Car

The temperature outside during winter will be different from that inside your car, which results in condensation. This happens when warm vapour in your car meets the cold screen and windows turning it into water. The result is a blanket of fog that coats all your windows and screen.

Condensation Prevention Methods

  • Clean your car regularly. Dirt attracts moisture easily. In winter, you can opt to get your car cleaned on alternate days.
  • Remove all damp clothes from your car. The excess moisture on them adds to the vapour present which results in more condensation.
  • Get some cat litter and place it in a simple dry cloth. Leave it in the car to absorb all the excess moisture from the air. Cat litter is very absorbent and works perfectly to dry out your car.
  • When it is not snowing heavily, air out the car for some hours by rolling down the windows, ensure it is safe outside to do so. You can opt to air out before you go to sleep.
  • Wipe the windows while the A/C and blower are running. By wiping, you remove the condensation while the fan and A/C prevent condensation anymore from forming on them.


Dealing Effectively with Condensation

  1. Wipe down all your windows and screens. Any bit of dirt attracts moisture which leads to condensation. Get a microfiber towel and wipe the windows using a car window cleaning detergent. A microfiber towel is recommended for its highly absorbent quality. In the absence of the cloth, use old newspapers and the cleaning detergent.
  2. Any dump cloth in your car needs to go immediately. When these clothes dry up, all that excess moisture is left hanging in the air, which leads to more condensation. You may be wondering why it is not clearing; it is because of that wet coat at the back!

Check your pollen filter too for any blockage. It is essential for cleaning all the air that enters your car. This ensures no dirt particles find their way back inside after you have cleaned it.

  1. Use cat litter to soak up the excess moisture inside your car. You can also use a dehumidifier that removes all moisture leaving your car nice and dry. The other best way is to let your car air out for a few hours. Roll down the windows when you can and let it dry out.
  2. Demist your car immediately. You may already be on the road, and your windscreens are full of condensation. What to do? Switch on the blowers of your car to full and point them to the screen. Keep them cool first before raising the temperature. Follow this up by turning on you’re A/C to dry out your car of any excess moisture. Switch on the setting on your car for heated windscreen (if available). Keep increasing the temperature on your blower until your screen and windows are free of condensation.


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