The UK’s Most Popular Pick-ups and Vans

March 2019 turned out to be the best month ever for Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) sales in the UK, with more than 66,000 new pick-up trucks and vans being purchased – that’s 6,359 more than the number purchased in March 2018. The demand for large and medium vans increased by 13% and 17.9% respectively. Meanwhile, the demand for small vans has fallen by more than 10% in just one year, indicating that many new vehicle buyers are moving away from mini-vans and opting instead for these popular LCVs:

Most Popular Vans in the UK

Vans sell better than pick-ups, so the top 4 best-selling LCVs in the UK are the following 4 vans:

  • Ford Transit Custom– As you may know, UK motorists love Ford. The most popular passenger car in Britain is the Ford Fiesta, while the most popular LCV is the Ford Transit Custom with more than 16,000 new registrations between January 1 and the end of March 2019. This is a better-handling, medium-sized version of the original Ford Transit.
  • Ford Transit– Britain hasn’t lost any love for the Ford Transit, as it has reigned as the UK’s most popular large van since the late 1960’s. The 2019 edition includes useful driver assistance technology and a fuel efficient hybrid engine – expected to be fully electric by the 2021 edition. Companies and contractors opt for the Transit for its durability and flexible sizing options – it’s available in 3 body lengths and 2 heights. There have been more than 7,000 registrations of the 2019 Transit in the first three months of this year.
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter– The latest Sprinter model sold more than 5,600 times during the first fiscal quarter of 2019. It’s available in 4 body lengths and 3 roof heights. You can also choose from 3 different wheelbase styles. Sprinters are known for strength and durability and this year’s edition adds to that with a Tractor Head chassis that’s normally installed in motorhomes.
  • Volkswagen Transporter –The sixth-generation Volkswagen Transporter T6 is a close 4thwith more than 5,200 registrations in the first quarter. This edition was actually launched back in 2016, as Volkswagen releases upgrades in generations (like an iPhone) rather than annually like most auto manufacturers.

Most Popular Pick-up Trucks in the UK

Of the top 10 best-selling LCVs in the UK, pick-up trucks represent only 2:

  • Ford Ranger– The 2019 Ford Ranger was sold more than 4,700 times in the first quarter of this year. It’s available in three body styles – single cab, super cab, or double cab. With a 3.5-tonne towing capacity, enhanced fuel efficiency, superb off-roading capabilities, and enough space and luxury to accommodate any trip, the Ranger stands out as a great LCV for business or family use.
  • Mitsubishi L200– The 5th generation L200 was purchased more than 3,900 times in the first quarter and was named ‘Best Pick-Up’ by Parkers and Carbuyer. This vehicle has managed to outdo the Mercedes-Benz X-Class vans and the Nissan Navara to rank as the 10th-most popular LCV in the UK.

They’re All a Good Choice, So it Comes Down to Style

Ultimately, every model mentioned above is loaded with great features and all the attributes you’d want in a new vehicle. Thus, your decision should come down to choosing a van or pick-up that suits your aesthetic preferences.

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