UK’s 20 Most Expensive Number Plates (Part 1)

For many of us, a personalised registration number is a great way to put our stamp on a car, especially if you are leasing one.  Spending a few hundred quid on a number plate seems reasonable, but some of the most expensive numbers ever sold reach sky-high figures.

Today we explore what the priciest plates have gone for at auction, according to figures by Regtransfers, and what else such a princely sum could buy you.

20. KRI5 HNA – £233,360

Sold in May 2015 , the plate that spells the name Krishna sold for £233,360 in auction to a woman in London.  That same amount of money could buy you a brand new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

19. MG I – £235,000

Sold in September 2009, MG I which sold for £235,000 can buy you 12kg of Iranian Almas caviar, the world’s most expensive variety.

18. MS I – £235,000

This plate also went for £235,000 at auction and could have paid for four seasons at an executive box with 8 seats at Old Trafford.

17. I RH – £247,952

The number I RH sold for £247,952 in November 2008, which could have bought its owner a brand new Ferrari F12.

Which would you choose?

16. 5I nGH – £254,000

This number plate spells Singh, one of the most popular surnames in India, so it is hardly a surprise that it sold for more than a quarter of a million in April 2006.  The amount paid, £254,000, could cover the complete costs of raising a child to the age of 21 in the UK!

15. GS I – £258,775

Sold in July 2005, ths number GSI went for £258,775, the equivalent of 7.5kg of gold bars kept in a secure vault in Zurich, Switzerland.

14. S 5 – £270,300

S 5 Sells for £270,300

This number plate was the fifth registration issued in Edinburgh, Scotland and sold in March 2016 at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting for a whopping £270,300.  This is worth two trips from London to Los Angeles on a private jet plane.

13. V I – £275,000

Sold in December 2006 at auction for £275,000, this registration number could also pay for 5,000 full 50-litre tanks of unleaded petrol, at a rate of £1,10 per litre.

12. I BM – £285,000

I BM, which reads like the famous technology company, sold for £285,000 in December 2014.  For the same amount, you could purchase a completely customised four-lane bowling alley for the home.

11. VIP I  – £285,000

Taking us to number 11 is VIP I, which sold at auction for £285,000.  This huge sum could buy you a lovely three-bedroom cottage in sunny Cornwall!

What do you think of these number plates?  Find out the top 10 most expensive ones in our follow-up post next week!


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