UK’s 20 Most Expensive Number Plates (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our series on the most expensive number plates ever sold at auction – click here to visit the first part.  Starting with number 20 was the reg number KR15 HNA that went for £233,360 to a woman in London, and topping part one at number 11 was the number VIP 1, which sold for £285,000.  Find out what the top 10 costliest registration numbers are, according to Regtransfers.

10. D2 – £300,096


Crossing the £300k mark is the reg D 2 that sold in October 2015.  In real world terms, this amount of money could buy you 19 brand new Mini Coopers!

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9. GB 1 – £325,000

If you had a spare £1,000 every day of the year, you could have bagged yourself the registration number GB 1 for this princely sum, which could also buy you a custom yacht.  Which would you choose?

8. M 1 – £331,500

The registration number M 1 sold at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2006 for £331,500.   The winner was a private buyer who unbelievably purchased the number for his son’s sixth birthday.  Lucky boy!  This could have bought him ad space for a 30-second TV ad at peak times on ITV1, not just once but nine times!

7. 1 S – £325,000

At number seven is the registration number 1 S, selling for £340,000 in March 2010.  The same whopping amount could have easily paid for a dazzling Rolex GMT-Master II.

6. 1 D – £325,000

Creeping close to the midway point is the number plate 1D, bought at auction for £352,411 in March 2009.  The winning bidder was tycoon Nabil Bishara, who won it for his wife’s Bentley.  The amount is the equivalent of lifetime costs for keeping two horses!

5. S 1 – £404,063

Number five perhaps deserves the ridiculous amount that it fetched at auction.  S 1 is Edinburgh’s first car number plate, originally bought in 1903 by a former Lord Justice Clerk and motoring pioneer.  The winning bidder chose to remain anonymous.  The amount he paid, £404,063 could easily buy a six-seater Piper Matrix, a single propeller airplane.

4. F 1 – £440,625

That same year in 2008, the number plate F1 sold for an astounding £440,625 to Yorkshire-based car tycoon, Afzal Khan, and is registered on his million-pound Bugatti Veyron.  The staggering figure could have bought a two-acre private island in the Bahamas!

3. G 1 – £500,000

We’ve reached the top three of the dearest car registration plates ever sold at auction.  At number three is the number plate G1, which sold for a colossal sum of half a million!  This is the equivalent of a spacious five-bedroom detached house in Bristol.  The registration number has been seen on the official car of the Chief Minister of Gibraltar.

2. X 1 – £440,625

At number two is the car registration X1, which was auctioned off in November 2012 for just over half a million – £502,500.  This same amount could have bought the winning bidder a champion race horse!

1. 25 O – £518,480

We’ve finally reached pole position!  The vanity plate 25 O, dubbed the ‘ultimate plate for the ultimate car’ (i.e. the Ferrari 250) was snapped up at auction in November 2014 for an absolutely mind-blowing £518,480!  The winning bidder was John Collins, a classic car dealer and car collector.  For the amount he paid, he could have taken home a classic James Bond car, a 1960 Aston Martin DB4 Series 1.  But then again, if he collects cars, he may already have one in his collection!

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