Which dash cam should you buy in 2019?


Every year technology changes and products that were previously a luxury become more or less a norm or necessity. In the same way, a dashcam- or a car camera- is now more of a need than a want. Accordingly, the market is flooded with options.

First of all, before you choose a particular car camera, you need to know what to look out for. You need to make sure your image quality is top-notch because you may not always be driving around in the best weather. In case of an accident, your camera needs to be able to tell you what happened and how accurately. You also need to consider your budget, how easy to use the dashcam is, and how easy to install it is. If you want a rear camera too, make sure you look for the best front and rear dash cams- a 2-in-1 combination.

Here is what you need to get your hands on this year.

Taotronics TT-CD06- Economy

This camera is an economical buy and has an amazing 160-degree view with 2k and 1080 pixels video quality. It doesn’t come with a GPS tracker or add-ons, but it does have a significantly long power cable and a two-port socket adapter, meaning you can charge your phone and keep the camera on at the same time. A Micro SD card is included.

This will cost you about £60.

Garmin 66- Image Clarity

If you are looking for best image quality, nothing beats the Garmin 66W as a dashcam. It has a super-wide 180-degree lens, compared to the traditional 130-160-degree views. What’s even better is that it gives you a heads up for speed cameras and has amazing voice control. It also has a built-in GPS and WiFi system and will cost you about £159.

It is slightly high-end in terms of price, but then the image quality is superb and pretty much unbeatable.

Nextbase 522GW- Features

If you are crazy for a  bunch of features at a reasonable price, then Nextbase should be at the tip of your tongue. The image quality is good if not excellent and works well in sub-optimal lighting. The car camera also comes with built-in Alexa, who can lead the way when you are lost, play your favourite tunes, or even help you dial up that number that you wanted to call

The camera has a GPS location system and has extra cloud storage space to save previous videos and plenty of other features. The best part is that it costs only £120 or even less.

Your choice of dashcam depends on the factors that are important to you and of course your budget! Besides the cameras mentioned above, you can check out several other brands and varieties that we will continue to cover on the blog. Remember also to choose one which you can instal and use easily- although most gadgets are self-explanatory.

Drive safe!

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