Why You Should Only Lease from a BVRLA Broker

Whether you are leasing a commercial vehicle or a personal car, choosing to work with a company that displays the BVRLA logo will help ensure you can use your vehicle with confidence.  The companies who operate as BVLRA brokers offer a variety of services to help customers to find the perfect vehicle for their needs, and the most suitable finance plan.  With the BVLRA also promoting high-quality customer service, transparent terms and conditions, clear pricing, and ethical trading, you know that their brokers are companies you can trust.

We have listed the main benefits of working with a BVRLA broker below.

The Leasing Broker Charter

All BVRLA brokers are bound to a charter which lays out a code of conduct.  This is to protect the customer and ensure all brokers provide a high level of service.  As part of the broker charter, all brokers are required to provide customers with a contract which clearly explains the service and product provided, the costs, and their rights to cancel.  A clear summary of the lease and finance terms should be included, and any after-sales should be handled efficiently and professionally.  Advice can also be provided based on a customer’s requirements.

High Standards of Service

A mandatory Code of Conduct is in place that all BVRLA brokers must adhere to in order to remain a member.  This Code of Conduct ensures that all customers are treated in a respectful and professional manner, and requires brokers to ensure the cars and commercial vehicles they lease are safe and roadworthy.  Transparent and accurate advice should be provided when requested, and all terms and conditions provided to the customer should be fair.

Independent Complaint Resolution

If a customer has a problem with the service they have received from a BVRLA broker, they are able to contact the BVRLA to help solve the complaint or dispute.  The complaint resolution process is free and quickand can save customers a lot of time, money and hassle.  All brokers must also adhere to the findings or they may find themselves expelled from the association.  This provides customers with added peace of mind.

Campaigning on Behalf of the Industry

Customers who have an interest in carbon emissions and road improvement will be pleased to know that the BVRLA regularly campaigns on behalf of the industry.  Together with their members, they have spent a lot of time campaigning for greater incentives on low-emission vehicles, lower fuel duty, and improved access to independent maintenance, among other things.  They have also debated key road transport issues with policymakers in Brussels.  The BVRLA wants to make the roads safer and more cost-effective and places a lot of emphasis on this during their debates.

As a BVRLA broker, Yes Lease is a company that you can trust.  We abide by all the terms and conditions laid out by the company and do our very best to offer you the highlevel of customer service that you deserve.

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